The #1 BIG Money Sucking Mistake Most Marketers Are Making

  • Create a new product or program
  • Build a funnel
  • Run FB ads to sell your new thing
  • Settling for a 1% return

Start SAVING $$, Increase Your Profits, Get More Qualified Leads

Using the 7 Step TRAFFIC Formula to Create the Ultimate Traffic Trifecta

The 7 Step TRAFFIC Formula:

  • Trust
  • Refine
  • Author
  • Film
  • Frame
  • Ignite
  • Catalog

Meet Jenn neal

After losing $33k on FB ads, I made it my mission to find a better way for coaches, authors, and infopreneurs to attract qualified traffic online.

What I found was shocking. Seriously.

The way we've been taught by the "gurus" to market is actually hurting our results.

The good news? I found a pattern. A way to work WITH the systems we know.

So, you can keep doing what you're great at with just a few small tweaks that will DRAMATICALLY improve your efforts.

Introducing the Traffic Trifecta

This if for you if:

  • You're a go-getter
  • You want your content to reach more people
  • You want the "fast path" to the 7 step framework so you can start implementing right away
  • You have old content that didn't perform

This if NOT for you if:

  • You prefer step by step implementation instructions (but don't worry - if you're a checklist + template person be sure to check out the Content Connection Academy which will walk you through step by step!)

What's Included in the Traffic Trifecta Training:

In just 60 minutes, you'll have the framework and 7 steps you need to implement the Traffic Trifecta in your marketing efforts, so you can start reaching more people and making more profit immediately!

Course Introduction

  • Understand why traditional digital marketing techniques are leading you astray and how to fix it
  • Get a firm understanding of the traffic foundation and how to work with the system instead of fighting it

The Content Activation Formula

  • A tour through the visual representation of online marketing
  • Discover the common mistakes digital marketers make and how you can overcome them

The Traffic Trifecta

  • Understand the importance of the Traffic Trifecta
  • The 7 Step TRAFFIC Formula that you can implement immediately to find more qualified leads and extend your online reach

Using Organic, Social and Paid Traffic

  • Steps, resources and tips on how to find and activate qualified traffic from your content

Tracking & Next Steps

  • Simplify your tracking methods with these tips and resources
  • How to use the foundation you've learned and take it to the next level

Here's How to Get Started:

Step #1: Click the button below and enter your information

Step #2: Set aside 1 hour to learn the Traffic Trifecta steps

Step #3: Start implementing right away - increase your profit, online reach and qualified leads!

Disclaimer - This presentation is entirely free and will give you actionable steps to activating your content.

Results are not guaranteed or typical. In fact, a lot of hard work is involved. Those that do the work are happy with the results. It's up to you, but I suggest DIG IN! - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions